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Song: 烟火里的尘埃




华晨宇 - 烟火里的尘埃

Hua Chenyu - Yanhuo li de Chen’ai / Dust in Firework

看着飞舞的尘埃 掉下来 watching the particles fall

没人发现它存在 no one knows of its existence
多自由自在 the freedom it has

可世界都爱热热闹闹 but the world loves drama
容不下 我百无聊赖 and won’t stand for my apathy

不应该 一个人 发呆 I shouldn’t go off in a daze

只有我 守着安静的沙漠 guarding a quiet desert by myself
等待着花开waiting for the flowers to bloom

只有我 看着别人的快乐 i’m the only one, when watching others 
竟然会感慨  feel alive through them

就让我 听着天大的道理 so let me listen to all the reason 
不愿意明白 but i don’t want to understand

有什么 是应该 不应该 how things should be and how they shouldn’t be

我的心里住着一个 苍老的小孩 inside me lives an old child

如果世界听不明白 对影子表白 if the world doesn’t understand, your confession in the mirror

是不是只有我 还在问 is it only me who still asks
为什么 明天更精彩 why everyone says tomorrow will be better

烟火里 找不到 童真的残骸 i can no longer find trace of my childlike innocence in the fireworks

只有我 守着安静的沙漠 there’s only me guarding the desert
等待着花开 waiting for the flowers to bloom

只有我 看着别人的快乐 there’s only me, who watches people happiness

竟然会感慨 and feel alive through them

就让我 听着天大的道理 so let me listen to all the reason in the world
不愿意明白 that i’m unwilling to understand

只有我 就是我 好奇怪 there’s only me, it’s only me, how strange

还在感慨 that i’m still feeling

风阵阵吹过来 为何不回来 the wind passes by, why doesn’t it come back

风一去不回来 悲不悲哀 the wind never looks back, isn’t it sad

麻木得那么快 应不应该 is it normal to be so easily numbed

能不能慢下来 can’t everything slow down
笑得开怀 哭得坦率 laugh heartily, cry boldly
为何表情 要让这世界安排 why should the world decide the mask we wear
我就是我 我只是我 i am who i am, i can only be who i am
只是一场烟火散落的尘埃 life’s but the remnants of firework particles 

风阵阵吹过来 the wind blows past

风一去不回来 the wind doesn’t look back

能不能慢下来 can’t everything slow down


a piano improvisation turned Hide and Seek at Reverb Festival

Song: 平凡之路/Ordinary Road
ARTIST: 朴树/Pu Shu




Gosh this song actually makes me sob like a teenage girl. No, it’s not another puppy love song. Pu Shu, the singer and writer of the song, has been away from microphone for like a decade. Now is coming back with his signature neo-folk style work, also one of the themes songs for a Chinese road-trip movie, the Continent. The lyrics are so touching. Sadly I am no good to translate it into English. Or I will give it a try. Not today.:P

徘徊着的 在路上的 Those who are drifting down the road
你要走吗 via via Are you leaving now? via via
易碎的   骄傲着 Fragile and proud
那也曾是我的模样 That was how I once was.

沸腾着的    不安着的 Those who are passionate and restless
你要去哪 via via Where are you leaving for? via via
谜一样的  沉默着的 You are like a mystery, lost in silence
故事  你真的   在听吗 Have you heard the call of your life’s story?

我 曾经 跨过 山和大海 也穿过 人山 人海 I’ve crossed untold mountains and oceans, passed through crowds and crowds of people
我曾经拥有着一切 转眼都飘散如烟 Once, I had everything; but in the blink of an eye, it was gone like smoke
我曾经 失落 失望 失掉 所有方向 Once, I was frustrated, desperate and lost
直到看见平凡才是唯一的答案 Until I realized the answer has always been an ordinary road.

当你仍然 还在幻想 While you are still daydreaming
你的明天via via Your tomorrow via via
她会好吗 还是更烂 Will it get better or get worse?
对我而言是另一天 To me it’s just another day

我曾经毁了我的一切 只想永远地离开 I once destroyed myself and wanted to leave forever
我曾经堕入无边黑暗 想挣扎无法自拔 I fell into an endless darkness, unable to save myself
我曾经像你像他像那野草野花 I used to be like you, like him, like wild flowers
绝望着 渴望着 哭着笑着平凡着 Full of despair and longing, crying, smiling and being ordinary

向前走 就这么走 就算你被给过什么 Go forward, as you are, no matter what you’ve suffered
向前走 就这么走 就算你被夺走什么 Go forward, as you are, no matter what has been taken away from you.
向前走 就这么走 就算你会错过什么 Go forward, as you are, even if you might miss things down the road
向前走 就这么走 就算你会 Go forward, as you are, no matter what…(Repeating)

我曾经问遍整个世界 从来没得到答案 I once asked the whole world, but never received an answer.
我不过像你像他像那野草野花 I used to be like you, like him, like wild flowers
冥冥中这是我 唯一要走的路啊 In the darkness, this became my only road

时间无言 如此这般  Time flies, just like that
明天已在眼前 Tomorrow is just around the corner
风吹过的 路依然远 There is still a long way down the wind swept roads
你的故事讲到了哪 Your story,  how much has been told?

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